Our Trip to Italy with a Baby - Rome

Portrait Studio Room

This is our second trip with our baby boy; the first one was to Dubai when he was 6 months old, it was fine for a baby who can't crawl, but now that he is 10 months old and started going places, I wanted the rooms of the hotel to be specious for him to enjoy, and I wanted a room with a kitchenette so I could be able to wash his bottles and sterilize them.

This time we are going to Italy, our first stop Rome for 4 days, then Florence 4 days and last stop Milan for 3 days. I always like to try newly opened hotels, but all the new ones I checked had tiny rooms that would make it difficult for us to stay in with a child. So I had to go through my old list of hotels. 6 years ago, I remember we stayed in an amazing boutique hotel in the center of Rome, it’s called Portrait Suites, but we never stayed in it again because it’s so expensive, we were lucky at the time to get it for a lower rate. I always dreamed of going back to it, so when I checked their rates for the period we were going in, prices were acceptable, not cheap, but they were good for the  space we are getting and the facilities it had, and not to forget the location, its letreally at the center of the shopping area, like you open the window and look down at Celine's Boutique.

Rome Booking Detail:

Arrival Date:           
Thursday, February 25, 2016
Departure Date: 
Monday, February 29, 2016

Roome Type:
Portrait Studio 
(33 sq. meters - 1 King bed, Wi-Fi, Kitchenette, Marble Bath with shower)

Average room charges: EUR 400 (KD135)

If I book the same room today (16 June 2016) charges would be EUR 680 (KD230), so I think it was a bargain

We booked throught the hotel website but you could also find them at


Before we arrive they had sent us an email asking us if it was fine that they move us to a 2 storey room, I didn't get what they were saying, because no way they had a 2 storey room, the building is too small, so we replied with yes its fine. when we arrived they informed us that they have given us an upgrade to a 2 storey room, we went to see it and I was shocked, it was true, they have one ... see the video below

We loved our stay there, the decor and details in this hotel is just amazing and with Koko, this is just perfect. Because in was in the center, we could easy go back to our room to change him or feed him. They serve breakfast in the room, you could have it in the terrace if you like, but the weather was too cold at the time it was better to have it in and enjoy it with your PJs on :)


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