When we were in London

I know it has been a while since I posted something on the blog, so coming back to it I decided to share with you my experience in the hotels I've stayed in, and maybe some other people's experiences, because I would love to keep them in here as a record in case I need them in the future to book a hotel.

Today I will be starting with our short trip of 4 days to London, it was in on 25th of February 2014

We were looking for something new that is close to a shopping area

Belgraves Hotel was our choice, it opened in Feb 2012 and it was the first European property for the Thompson Hotels in the US

We really liked that its just 10 minutes walk to Harrods, we also liked our room although it was tiny tiny, all you do is just sleep in it, so if you are looking for something big, I don't think it would be a good choice. We booked the King Deluxe.

This is the shower behind this metal curtain, I was with my husband at the time , so that wasn't a problem, but if I was traveling with someone else and I had to share the room, I think I would be checking on this with the hotel, I'm not sure if all the rooms are like that.

The first day we arrived to the hotel from the airport, my husband was getting the luggage out from the Taxi and a man came rushing in to help him and he was like "no no thank you" and he looked at me like, why is this man helping me? go call the staff, I was like, he is one of the hotel's staff :) he was a young man dressed in a checked shirt and jeans, my husband confused him with a regular man from the street.

I think they dressed them up like this because the hotel is part of an American hotel chain

I remember having coffee every night we come back to the hotel, in an area that is one floor above the reception, we didn't take pictures of the place but it looks similar to the picture above, Love the atmosphere , so cozy and warm.

Their restaurant looks nice as well, we just had breakfast in it once, and it wasn't that good, I think if you're in London, you could skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. 

Would I book in this hotel again? definatly yes


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