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I found a place

After a very long time searching for an apartment ( approximately 6 months ) I finally found the place I was looking for

Duplex, with 3 bedrooms

Actually I wanted 4 bedrooms, but the place is just perfect that I can’t give it up for this silly reason

Monthly rents are very high, they reached KD 1000 to KD 1500 for an old floor in Qurtoba, Surra or Rowdha, most of them with filthy kitchens 

It took me a while to learn where to look for and how

At the beginning I started searching online, I used to have like 3 of my favorite websites, then it accumulated to reach approximatly 10 websites. It became like a ritual , I come in to work every day , and I start my search at 8:00, then at 10:00 am and then at 2:00 pm

Once I select my favorites, I call my husband and reserve him for the afternoon to go see the places I liked, and when we arrive it’s always a disappointment,  the floors look prettier in pictures. That is of course if the Ad have pictures.

We even joke about it when we reach the given address, we see a beautiful modern looking house, thinking wow this is where we are going to live? NO, it’s not , look the other way, YES that hideous looking house is yours L

We kept visiting places like 3 times a week, we have seen them all, that when we call an agent we give him description of the location before he does

We reached a phase were we gave up , and we were advised to look in newspapers (Like Al-Waseet) because owners publish the Ads first then agents take those ads and publish them online

I went through the process of  highlighting the whole newspaper and calling the numbers listed , I even recruited my family and friends to do the same and they kept sending me pictures of ads, but at the end I discovered that within 1 day or 2 all of those are already online and with pictures, which actually makes it easier to choose from.

Then I went back to my usual search method. I even downloaded mobile applications, I searched there every now and then. Until one day we went to see a place in South Surra Al-Salam , a duplex, which was nice, but was a bit small for us, we told the owner that we found his ad on where he replied by saying “ I didn’t publish my ad there! I only published it on 4Sale Application” then he complained about an agent that kept calling him all the time begging him to take the address of his place and take care of people interested to rent. For those of you who don’t know real estate agents here in Kuwait, where we call (Dallal) in Kuwaiti , they take a commission of 50% of the monthly rent, so let say the rent is KD 800 he takes KD 400 just for connecting you with the owner, and that is totally unfair, this service doesn't worth this much, that is why the owner used  4Sale, to avoid those agents that get advantage of people.

After this day I noticed that duplex aprtments are the ones with neat finishing and a little bit modern look, so I focused my search on this, Duplex and 4Sale application

Then, one day I came across an ad on 4Sale. Duplex , with 3 bedrooms, I immediatly texed the guy with picture of a duplex I saw before, and asking him " is this the place?" he replied "NO"

I was surprise!! No??? okkkkk then I want to see it

We arrived to the address that was given to us and we couldn't believe what we saw, It was the same place we wanted to live in a year ago but it was full

Could it possibly be the one?

we kept looking behind our backs for that hedious house, but there was none. 

We went in , the living room looks fine, the kitchen is huge compared to our previous one, all 3 rooms are located upstairs, not like the ones we saw , which the master bedroom was up and the rest down, not a good thing if you have babies.

We couldn't find anything wrong with it, shall we confirm with the owner? we thought lets have a day to to think about it. My sister went crazy when I showed her the place "Are you serious??? you want to think about it? just take it"

and we did. Hopefully it will be the one that we could spend 4 to 5 years in. We called the guy in charge and sealed the deal , ok, now we have to move as soon as possible because we are traveling the next week J

Below are the Websites I used to go through, I know I have posted them before but there are more additions to the list

1.             I like there selection of houses, with clear pictures

2.    Updated every 2 hours, have a huge selection of apartments

3.                     In here you could find 2 or 4 places that are not available on others 

4.         Again the same , juts to make sure I covered everything


6.                    Its in Arabic and it has no pictures, so you have to rely on what is                                                     mentioned in the Ad

7.         I didn’t get anything out of it, they keep repeating the same places

8.       normal , not my main site

9.  HousingJustlanded      Just to make sure I covered eveything

10. Myq8home                  Again , just to make sure I covered everything

11.                I used it when I want to search for floors

I used only 2 Applications , because they are the most updated ones

Forgot to mention all the instagram accounts I followed as well :p


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