Farah Behbehani - Stages of Ascent

Today I was invited to Farah Behbehani's exhibition at CAP (Contemporary Art Platform) , were she presents each letter of the Arabic alphabets embroidered on a 100 x 100 cm linen using intricate sewing of threads and beads. 

The opening of the exhibition started as at 6:00 pm and we came in at 6:10 , I was surprised to find that most of the art work were sold.

I love this one, the letter B , in Arabic (Baa') made out of sequins

They are exquisite

And here  is Farah, she mentioned that it took her 2 years to complete this whole project, she went through the phase of exploring colors with one another, and trying out different types of embroidery before starting to do the actual work, I'm sure that was an exhausting process to reach the final stage. 

If you are a person who appreciate detail  and hand embroidery I think you must visit the exhibition and examine the art work up-close

Date : 18 January - 12 February 2014


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