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When we were in London

I know it has been a while since I posted something on the blog, so coming back to it I decided to share with you my experiencein the hotels I've stayed in, and maybe some other people's experiences, because I would love to keep them in here as a record in case I need them in the future to book a hotel.
Today I will be starting with our short trip of 4 days to London, it was in on 25th of February 2014
We were looking for something new that is close to a shopping area
Belgraves Hotelwas our choice, it opened in Feb 2012 and it was the first European property for the Thompson Hotels in the US

We really liked that its just 10 minutes walk to Harrods, we also liked our room although it was tiny tiny, all you do is just sleep in it, so if you are looking for something big, I don't think it would be a good choice. We booked the King Deluxe.

This is the shower behind this metal curtain, I was with my husband at the time , so that wasn't a problem, but if I was traveling with some…

Friday Gathering

Top & Pants: Zara Bag: Chanel

Dreee: Marc Jacobs or you could find it here Shoes: Zara Bag: YSL Necklace: Marni for H&M (old piece)
I got my dress from website, like for 70% off, when I tried to place the link in here, I was surprised to find out that the website is no longer trading, no longer trading means they are closed , not operating, that was very strange, when I googled it, I was shocked to learn that it was sold to net-a-porter, apparently they were facing difficulties Link

Dress: Tara Jarmon Top: COS Shoes: Kenzo Bag: Guccior get it

Date night

Dinner at my favorite restaurant Peacock then coffee at Sky Lounge, this is my first time at the rooftop lounge in Radisson Blu Hotel, I think its a great place for friends to hang out, if they are looking for a quiet atmosphere with relaxing music to chat and catch up.
They are open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, good that night their last order was at 10:30 pm as we arrived late after dinner. We learned that they serve Japanese food as well, starting from 7:00 pm, must try it someday.  

Dress: Vivetta I got mine from Lime Light at The Avenues Mall, and asked them to make the sleeves slimmer, as they were too wide and made of a scuba material that make them stick out (see original dress in picture below)

Shoes: Pierra Hardy you could also find them here or here

Bag: Paula Cademartori click here or here

بناءا على طلب الجمهور

وايد بنات يقولون لي ما قمتي تحطين لبسج مثل أول ردي لهم ، إن ما عندي شي يديد ، أحس لبسي متكرر ، و ستايل واحد ، و العموم ألحين بالإنستغرام قاعد يحط يقولون صح بس كل شخص له ستايله و إحنا نحب نشوف ستايلج و ناخذ منج أفكار أوكي دام في طلب ، نحط صور ، ليش ما نحط
النفنوف من ماركه كلوفر كانيون ، ماخذته من هارفي نيكلس الكويت ، و هم ينباع في العثمان ، و قبل سنه تقريبا شايفه ديزاينر لونج بالأفنيوز إييبونها ، بس ما أدري ليما ألحين أو لأ لقيته موجود أون لاين ،علي تنزيلات بعد ، إللي حاب يطلب، اللينك تحت

Dress: Clover Canyon click hereor you could shop their entire collection at their website click here

Bag: Paula Cademartori click hereorhere
أنا مغرمه بالمصممه اليديده بولا  ، برازيليه ، تصنع جناطها في ميلانو

Shoes : Ferragamo click here
الجوتي المريح ، يعني أقدر أمشي في بالأفنيوز

Orna Fashion

لاسبوع اللي فات أورنا فاشن دزولي مجموعتهم اليديده لخريف و شتاء ٢٠١٤ و اخترت جم شي اعرضلكم اياهم
 إللي يدور على مقاسات كبيره ، تره عندهم من اكس أل و أكبر و الحين موجوين بالمحل ، للتفاصيل تلقونها في أكاونتهم على الإنستغرام
إضغط هنا


Boklahis a website where you could find salon offers in and book an appointment through calling the salon.
Lots of people didn't know it was my project, they thought I was just advertising for the company
From now on I'm going to document everything happens to Boklah in here, as my diary and for readers to know about new features and new things added to Boklah
Just now I have sent a request for to create a flyer for Boklah that explains how it works for customers
Those flyers will be available in salons that are Boklah members
Now we have 7 days to see what the designers will come up with, hope it looks good

Boklah email:

صالون ، الكويت ، صالونات بالكويت ، حجز صالون  

Eid Mubarak - عيدكم مبارك

Dress: Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti 
Necklace : Esme Vie - Official website Link
You could also shop Esme Vie at By Symphony in Dubai

Eid Mubarak - عيدكم مبارك

Dress: Phillip Lim (only in black) Bag: Fendi Shoes: Valentino The doll: tchitchidoll

مو نفس ما تخيلت

طحتلي على سايت من قبل كم يوم ، أرخص منه ماكو ، قلت أكيد صيني كل شي حاطينه أحلى من الثاني  طلبت لي 3 نفانيف و التوصيل إبلاش  بس يوم وصلوا ، لا ، جنه مو نفس ما تخيلت الطباعه مو وايد واضحه ، و جنه شوي في لمعه بس بعدين لما قعدت أفكر ، النفنوف بـ  17 دولار ، يعني تقريبا 5 دنانير ،شنو أتوقع
زين منهم

السايت إسمه الأشياء إللي لازم واحد ينتبه لها لما يطلب إن المقاسات جدا صغيره أنا طالبه ميديم ، جنه سمول و طالبين تي شيرت لارج ،هم جنه سمول ، فما اتوقع أكو وله شي كبير و طبعا ، دائما و أبدا ، إللي بالصوره مو نفس الصج
تره حتى بصوري طالع زين ، بس في شي مادري شنو يحسس الواحد إن 
low quality المهم ، زووين ، ينفع حق دوام

إضغط هنا للنفنوف الأزرق و هنا للنفنوف الثاني بـ 37 دولار تقريبا 

و طالبه هذا بعد
$26 Link