Little Ruby's

Little Ruby's invited us to cook our food by ourselves, I don't usually attend restaurants invites but since its one of my favorite restaurants I immediately said yes

Of course I don't know how to cook , so I asked my husband to represent me :)

The waitress came and asked us to chose the dish we want to cook, then we waited for our turn, while other bloggers finish cooking their food

yummy ... I chose a Risotto with a little bit of sugar :) and my husband chose the California Burger, those are our favorites

My husband enjoyed the experience and found it easy to cook

ohhh and if you are thinking of visiting , you have to try their Pumpkin and Pine-nut salad

Little Ruby's is located at Kuwait City (Ahmad Al-Jaber Street - Al-Matrook tower)

and the one we went to was at The Avenues Mall - Soku 

Tel: 22496526

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