If you are following me on instagram then you already Know what is Boklah, but for those who don't know, well Boklah is a website that includes salon offers. How to use it? You can search for an offer by service, salon or area. Like for example I want to know what offers are available in Surra , I search and get all offers in this area, and when I want to book an appointment, I simply click on call and it will directly connect me to the salon .

Currently we are updating the booking system, and making it easy to read and navigate via mobile. It will be out soon, so if you have a salon and interested to join, contact us at

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sara said…
هلا فيكي و بالتوفيق لمشروعك
اسمحيلي أعطيكي نصيحة بسيطة
استفيدي من التسويق عبر غوغل و عملي حملة بهل الطريقة بتزيدي من انتشار الموقع و من عدد المستخدمين

بالتوفيق اللك :)

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