Nuqat is a 6 days conference that consist of 3 days lectures  and 3 days workshops

The conference aims to develop Arab creativity on all levels, design, advertising, architecture, fashion and production, through this it provides a platform of communication that connects and educates creatives in the Gulf and the Middle East

Last year at Nuqat I attended almost all lectures in all 3 days, I took a lot of pictures and I had so much to share but unfortunately I wasn't able to write a thing, I was so overwhelmed with what I have learned I didn't know where to start , I was moved by every story an artist had to share with us, that I didn't know how to translate it in writing. I think I have to go back to last year's picture folder and share at least the images I took.

This year I was able to attend only 2 lectures from Day 1 and 2, tomorrow is the last day, I hope to be there for the whole day. As I am so looking forward to see Aziz Al Shaalan  ( Telfaz 11 ) from Saudi Arabia. I admire their work, and how they are able to bring every talented performer into their youtube channel.

click here to see one of my favorite videos , its hilarious 


Anonymous said…
i thought it was pretty obvious that the 'no woman no drive' video was satirical :)

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