Donate your books

Q8Books, the used English books store in Kuwait city have shut down and moved to a new location , Bait Lothan in Salmiya

Not only did Q8Books got a new place, it got a new owner as well. I learned this from the farewell letter the owner wrote in his website, I also learned that it was managed by the owner himself for the period of 10 years click here to read the beginning and end of the store.

Now, Q8Books has an Instagram account and you could see that they are working really hard to set the place up and organize books in the right way. By next week they will be having an open day for people to donate their books. yaaaay I have some to donate, I will confirm the date and time once I get it


Brain Mama said…
information consumption is the best past time a human being can have
kora said…
I think they also should do events for book to encourage people read more

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