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I think by now everyone knows that I recently got married, because most of you have seen the picture of my small celebration of the event on Areej’s instagram account. To be honest I didn't want to share this on the blog, but my friends and family thought that my experience will help other girls prepare for their event. Also my mum loved the work of the wedding planner so much that she promised him to write about it on the blog. well I have to admit, it was pretty good considering it all been done in 1 week only.

My family will be traveling soon, so either do the party now or never. We started looking for someone to arrange the seating (Kosha), catering, music and photography. Everyone was fully booked. So we had to change our plans and look for alternatives, we called Raghda, a sweet women who we worked with before for my cousin's wedding, now she is working with a different  wedding planning company, Al-Saeidi 4 events , so we were a bit scared, because we never saw their work before. so we set a date to meet at their office and they showed us a range of pictures of weddings that was done by them. From those pictures we selected items we liked , like sofa, flowers, background and tried to fit them all together. the next day mum drew what she has in mind and gave it to them. 

I liked how patient they were with us, they gave us all the space we need to think and helped us figure out what we might need, like for example how much chocolate we need for the number of guests we will have (I didn't know that they take the plates for you to the caterer and fill them up for us)  and they always say yes to any thing we ask for, they made us feel relaxed.

Al Saedi 4 Events
Tel: 99353238


Mabruk, and I love how elegant it looked. Suits you.

May your marriage be a healthy, happy, and lasting one, ameen.

BTW, I read your blog all the time but this is the first time I ever bothered to comment. Lame, I know.

Love from Oman
Anonymous said…
masha allah darling - what fabulous decor + very chic! you are soooooooooo super lucky you are married! i wish i had your life as i am dying to get married insha allah. please make dua for me sister. ramadhan mubarak too! :)
Anonymous said…
حبيبتي عرس ولا ملكه
BellePearl said…
Mabrook sweetie wishing you all the best looked amazing mashallah
BellePearl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
SuperSummer said…
Congrats!! mA thats wonderful news - would love to see more pics!!
mabroook im super happy for you :) beautiful decoration dear
kawkawii said…
اووووو بالمبارك بالمباااارك
ما شاء الله توقعتج اولردي متزوجه
الله يهنيج ويسعدج
حلااتها الاعراس حميميه الصراحه
وزين شاركتي باقي عرايس الكويت بتجربتج
عقبال ما ازورج الكويت واتعرف عليج شخصيا بعد ما اربي خخخ .. لان حبيت اسلوبج ومدونج وودي اعرف الي وراها
her said…
mashalla mabrook 7abeebty I just read your post I had no Idea you did:) am so happy for you alla yhaneech yarab:*
Mariam said…
مبروووك عزيزتي ... و الترتيب راقي يجنن ماشاء الله .. الله يسعدكم GmbH

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