Reem 2013

Everybody is waiting for Reem Al-Hemaidan 's exhibition and now its finally set, its going to be on the 5th of July and for a period of 3 days at Marriott Courtyard (Al Raya) From : 5:00 pm  To: 9:00 pm.

I had the pleasure to take pictures of her Ramadan 2013 Collection  in Armani Casa - Al-Tilal . I usually do some styling when I take pictures of clothes but with this photo shoot  Reem handled it and she did an amazing job, I know I don't have to worry because she and her sisters have a great taste when it comes to matching accessories.

For orders outside Kuwait please contact Reem on WhatsApp +965 - 90056636
or email her at

You could follow her on instagram @Reem_AlHemaidan

I would like to thank Armani Casa for having us there, and also I would like to thank Reem's sister and her cousins for helping out in this shoot, without you, it won't be complete. 


Unknown said…
My curiosity to know more about Ramadan brought me here. Lovely clothes!
Unknown said…
Hello, can u plz inform me kam piece Reem tsawy lkel design?
Me Blogging said…
Reem: ma adre , laish?
Dado said…
wow...they are beautiful, intricate and stands for everything us! love them!! thanks for sharing!

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