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 Boklah have 3 more new offers from Beautique Salon in Kaifan

If you are interested in one of these offers you could book your appointment now online at

Back to Nature

Beautique's best-selling "Herbal Henna" is made from 100% Organic ingredients & designed to reduce hair loss significantly & promote hair growth! This offer comes to you with a gorgeous Blow dry

Original Price 23 KD now 15 KD

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For The Love of Macadamia

Bringing you the most popular & amazing hair treatment of all time, Macadamia treatment is designed to bring back life to your dry & damaged hair instantly. This offer comes with a gorgeous blow dry.

Original Price 20 KD now 12 KD

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I'm Pretty Gorgeous

Beautique’s signature semi-permanent Eyelashes is applied with gorgeous eyeliner (customer choice of Winged, Natural or Bold), accompanied with your choice of wavy or blow dry

Original price 31 KD now 21 KD

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Sana said…
hi me,
Congrats for your site nice effort,check my post on Boklah....hope u like it
Me Blogging said…
Sana thank you for your support and we hope we could meet your expectations at Boklah
Jay said…
congratulation for your new project <3. I hope you check my blog and see my new post , it's about you me blogging hopefully you like it sis

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