Your A OK

Today I attended an event that was organized by Nuqat at Al-Hamra Tower in the 55th floor to launch the new website, the website brings you all talents , design firms and product suppliers in one place, its something similar to Behance but only for the Middle East and North Africa . Its away of connecting the creative industry altogether.

Also Nuqat announced that their annual creative conference will be on the 7 - 12 of November 2013 in Al-Americani . Follow their blog for more info click here

The event is not over, they will hosting a comedy show with Shaikha AlKhaldi, The Improvengers (both from Kuwait), and Moayad AlNefaei (from Saudi Arabia) . so if you are interested to attend there are 30 tickets left, they are using Tap to book tickets, I'm not sure how that works, but you could click here and learn how.


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