Next Payment

Every time I get introduced to new Startups at startupQ8 event I get so excited and motivated to learn more on how to run our business.

Today we get to hear from Sayed Al-Mohri the co-founder of Next, I totally liked the idea of being able to pay a company or an individual using my phone.

I Immediately thought of Ibrah (our hand made accessories) once they explained how it works

Watch the video to understand what I'm talking about

that means we could send invoices to our customers and they pay us through this application. Next will only charge us 2.5% for each transaction  The only drawback that our customers outside Kuwait can't use the application, as they need to have a Civil ID to register and create an account, and only in Kuwait we have this number, But I learned from the founders that they are work on this issue and they are targeting global markets.

Search in AppStore for (NextPay) and download the application on iPhone, also available on android

Will give it a try tomorrow and see how it works


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