موسم الدراريع بده

    موسم الدراريع بده ، و المعارض وره بعض، محد ملحق ، رمضان في شهر 7 و إحنا من الشهر إللي طاف قاعدين نجهز شنو بنلبس ، و لا … أمس بعد بدوا يعلنون عن بوكسات القرقيعان على الإنستغرام ،أحس المشكله مع إنستغرام و الإنترنت إن الناس بتمل من الموديلات ، ما جنه لابسين شي يديد ، و المشكله الأكبر ، إن الدراعه مو رخيصه ، متوسط سعرها 100 دينار و فوق . و أكيد ما راح نلبسها إلا مرتين أو أقل باليمعات العائليه ، فعشان جذي أنا من أكبر المشجعين لفكرة إن نلبسها حق طلعاتنا العاديه للسوق و المجمعات ، خل نطلع قيمتها ، بعد ذاك اليوم قاعده أفكر ، ليش ننطر لين رمضان ؟ خل نكشخ فيها من ألحين . أنا سويتلي جم وحده حق السفر و لبستهم هناك، براااااد حق الجو الرطب و الحار

ناطره أشوف دراريعكم الحلوه


Anonymous said…
i do not agree at all, dara3a is for the house.
even if it expensive that dose not mean that we should wear it outside !!! this mean if we bought an expensive bajama we should wear it too !!!!
my solution do not spend that much of a money on dara3a, i prefer a cheap dara3a and wear it once than an expensive one and wear it outside !!!
Me Blogging said…
Maybe i didn't make myself clear its because its expensive it because its so beatiful just like any clothes we wear to go out so why not wear it?
Me Blogging said…
*its not because its expensive
Anonymous said…
LOVED ur dress!!
Can I copy you? x_x
bs 7agy mu3ashan I sell it or smething lool ;p
Me Blogging said…
sure you could copy what ever you want
Hessa said…
min zeman asawee hal 7araka bas fi ramadan 7ag 6al3at geer el zewara wel yam3a a6la3 bil dara3a ... bas ye3tmed 3ala noo3 el dara3a
Me Blogging said…
Go Hessa Go Hessa are right
qaftan said…
im darra3a addict .. i started wearing to coop and salon .. and ... almost everywhere i could .

specially the dress-a-like dra3a
Sumaia said…
Hi there
I'm from Dubai and absolutely love Kuwaitis fashion sense.
We here wear what we call Jalabeyas everywhere. Under the abaya that is if outside. Also for gatherings if we want to. I love Kuwaiti dara3as. But honestly every time I ask the price, I find them very expensive. Especially that they look super simple and they don't have any work at all. They all seem like different materials tailored together.
But I agree that since the dara3as are pretty and expensive, then by all means u should wear them outside.
I do hope Kuwaiti designers reconsider their pricing though.

I'm a huge fan of urs by the way ;)

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