I was so happy when I receive an invitation to the new restaurant Veranda (above Harvey Nichols at The Grand Avenue) I was so looking forward to try it, at first I thought it was just a café, a place to rest after a long shopping day, then I discovered that it’s a huge elegant restaurant, It’s a place where you invite your friends for an chic night out, Kashokha as I like to call it.

It was a blogger’s night, so we were like 10 to 13 groups, all were served the same dishes, we approximately tried 11 dishes, below are our favorite:

I LOVED their Hommus, they have it on top of a paprika so when you eat it you taste this weird sweet flavor from it (MUST HAVE)

Lamb covered with eggplant, that was nice, people who love eggplant will like this, I prefer to have it without it

The funny thing is we spent the whole evening trying to figure out from where the smell of wood or a fire place is coming from, then we realized it was the smoked salmon. Will defiantly order it again , just for the smell

Chocolate moose, with dark chocolate, have it with a cappucino

I wish we had an idea about prices, but at the time the menu were not printed and they said that they won't be very high, but I think I think it might be,  anyway its a place you have to try at least eat Hummus :p

Its open right now, and they don't take reservation

Location: Veranda Above Harvey Nichols at The Grand Avenue


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