Startup Weekend

Startup weekend is a 3 day event where you pitch your idea to a group of web developers and designers for 60 seconds and try to convince them with it.

If any of the developers or designers liked your idea, he/she will approach you discuss the project little more and  then team up to build this idea up

My brother and I were so excited to pitch our ideas and make them happen, but when we saw the schedule we were shocked to learn that we had to spend the whole day at GUST (place of the event) and come early in the morning starting from 8:00 am..... no no no no, 8:00 am is waaaaaay too early for me in a weekend. I hate mornings and I'm also committed to Boklah I have so much to work on in the weekend. 

My brother felt the same thing, he has an idea that he liked to pitch with my cousin, but he dropped it for the same reason, he is committed to his current project .

So we thought, khalas , lets just go and see what people have in mind. walla it was pretty good, there were about 10 ideas or more, didn't thought that they will have the courage to get up and share them with us. event 2 mentors had ideas to share.

From all what was presented, I liked one idea only, I think it would be very useful to everyone. I can't say what it is right now, but I informed the person that I am welling to promote for it, once its completed.

Once all ideas were presented, I saw my brother coming to me saying that we have to pitch our idea, its something worth doing. I was like ok, but you have to follow up on it and complete the project.

and he went .... on stage,  presenting my idea..... The photographer directory. 

regular readers to the blog might already know about it, its a thing that I really would like to do , which is to connect business owners with photographers. and find an easy and simple way to view and book photography session online.

I event created a page just for a start click here 

After my brother explained what it is, a designer approached us afterward and showed his interest to join, we informed him of our situation regarding time and that we are in it for fun,  gladly he is committed as well, but would like to try and build a website based on the knowledge that he has. Great, we don't even have to stick to the 3 days rule. We could continue doing it afterward.

Draft of what we have in mind

Phase one, I have created a draft of what we ahve in mind and sent it to the designer. Tomorrow in the afternoon we will all meet at GUST and decide on whats next. They mentioned that mentors will be there to advice us on what to do, sounds exciting , we hope it works.

Photographers, stay tune, as within days a site will be up for you to register in and present your work to the world.

ohh yah .... I almost forgot, I am sharing this with all my followers on instagram , so everyone could pitch in and help build this website up. so if you are interested follow me on instagram @meblogging and share your ideas.

for more info on Startup Weekend click here


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