Looking for Thouq

Thouq the magazine that transformed into a website has now extended into opening a tiny concept store at Souq Al-Mubarakiya in Kuwait City

My friend and I spent approximately one hour trying to find the place, we were about to give up when we realized that there is one mosque only in the souq that the store could be located next to based on the  map provided 

Basically the store is concentrated more on men clothing and accessories, which is what the website is focusing on right now. I had the pleasure to meet with the team behind the place, Bader Al-Hujailan and Ahmad Al-Ghanim. 

Me Blogging had some photography done specially for Thouq Magazine, but the images weren't published for some reason, so I was asking Bader if its ok to publish them here on the blog? and I got the approval , yaaay enshalla you will be seeing them soon. It was taken long time ago so I'm sure the clothing will look boring as they are from last winter 2012.

Ahmad Al-Ghanim is the person creator of the amazing pop art framed posters, you could check his work on instagram click here. I was so happy to hear that he had sold most of the work that was displayed on the opening night. We all love your work hanged now we want to wear it. I want Pajamas, every time I see a person creating beautiful images I always suggest this :p still waiting for someone to go for it and create fancy pajamas. ok,  we will call them comfy clothes if it makes you feel better, home wear :) haa shraykom ? anyways something that looks good and that I could wear it at home

This is where Thouq is located

For more clear images click here 


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