Day 3: Startup Weekend

Yes we won first place
I can't believe it, I'm still in Shock, I went to this event not intending to participate and now we get to be number one?

We started the day at 10:00 am, I was so tired from the night before as I spent it contacting photographers, trying to include them in our website. 

For those of you who don'y know what I'm talking about, well we are a group of 4 who have participated in an event (Startup Weekend) which allows you to build a business in 3 days. Our project was about creating a photographers directory.

I am extremely happy with the outcomes, as it was soooooo much fun working with my brother  and the team, his friend Mohammad was organized that he managed to place our thoughts in the presentation and kept us on track , I was also happy with Ahmad's work, the designer, which he was able to transform our vision into a website within 2 days.

We used the Business Model Canvas to placed our assumptions of how this website will look like and what customers need, then we started validating those assumptions through instagram and engaging people with us in developing the website. I know, its too technical, lets just skip this part....

At 4:00 we started rehearsing for the presentation until the time has come to start presenting our work infront of 5 judges (click here to view the judges). We were ready to start first , but then we learned that teams are selected randomly so we have no choice , nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I want to get over with it , I am so scared :(

I think there were 10 teams, or maybe more, we had to wait for all of them to finish, as we were the last one to present, it was almost 10:00 pm or 10:30 I don't remember, I said to to my brother "I am defiantly sure that the judges are tired by now, we have to entertain them, we have to make this fun so they could listen to us" I'm not sure if it was entertaining, but I was happy that we completed our presentation on time provided, which was 10 minutes. as all teams heard the buzzer before completing their business plan.

The judges then went out for 15 minutes to decide the 3 winners for the night, they made their choice and now they are in the theater....

Winner # 3 ...... The football application .....woooooohhhhooo

Winner # 2 ...... The diabetes application .... yaaaaayyy

Drum rolls please , and the Winner number one is CAMERALIZED ...

I couldn't believe it when they called out our name, no waaay no wayyy

I went on stage saying to the audience  "I have to tell you the story, I have to" and the organizers were calling me : "lets take pictures first then tell your story" 

Now remembering that, uhhh its embarrassing, maybe people didn't want to hear the story, they just wanna go home :/

anyways. I was so happy and in shock that I couldn't help myself

First place wins 1000 KD :) Wanasa, we will be collecting our prize on Wed.

We also won a one month consultancy from Cubical Services and Global Investments

Its getting serious, we really have to make this happen

We will keep you updated regarding the project, will try to build something useful for all of us

for more info on Startup Weekend click here


Unknown said…
Nice recap! I enjoyed reading this :)
Amna Al Falasi said…
Mabrook habibtii!!!

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