Day 2: Startup Weekend

Startup weekend, a 3 day event that teaches you how to build your startup, today is day 2, so that means we only have tomorrow to finish things up

Cameralized, is the name my brother came up with for our photographers directory project

Camera + Caramel = Cameralized

Creating sticky images

beautiful images that sticks in your mind

The whole thing of this project is to provide small business owners with photographers in Kuwait and the ability to book them for their projects. like for example providing a food photographer for a small restaurant that opened recently in Kuwait who would like to take pictures of his food for the menu.

Today a new member has joined us, so now we are a group of 4, we gathered at GUST to work on the project, the guys started early, I came in later at 6:30 pm and stayed till 11:30. Mentors came and discussed with us some issues and asked questions, one of the questions that I don't feel comfortable answering was: "how will you be generating money out of this?" at the moment I don't want to focus much on it, we want to serve the customer first then we think how money will come. I don't want it to become our main concern , but as they mentioned, investors want to see numbers, they want to know how will they be getting their money back, how big is your market? your potential customers? and the future of this project?

There were like 8 groups with us, tomorrow all of us will be presenting our work in front of judges, 3 winners will be picked, and they mentioned that there will be cash prizes, did't know that, it would be really cool if we get picked .

Now I'm working on getting photographers information 

1- Name
2- email
3- 4 beautiful pictures of their work
4- Type of photography they are doing
5- and if possible , how much will they charge for 2 hours photography session?
    (50 KD / 100 KD / 200 KD / 300KD +)

So if you are a photographer and would like to be listed

Please send in your pictures to 


Ali said…
Had a great time, and congratulations on winning!

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