Coupon Companion

While I was browsing at Tibi something went on by it self and started scanning the item I was looking at, see above the green line on the black leather top?

Then a list of items appeared in a box suggesting similar products with good deals .... hmmm the first one might be related to Tibi's black top but the Sofa? I don't think so, the program have searched the image and the word leather too, and the closest it could get is a leather sofa :) 

I don't know where this program came from, but I think I'm gonna leave it for a while, I want to see if its really useful or not, because they mention that its a visual search technology that lets you instantly compare prices or find similar items on almost any product sold online
Let see its effectiveness 


Anonymous said…
It's malware and I want rid of it, that quest led me here...

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