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The Rose Collection

Now Ibrah's Rose Collection is available for sale, today we will be showcasing the purple color (color may vary in picture) more to come soon

Price : 55 K.D.  for orders please send an email to 

First in first sold

Coupon Companion

While I was browsing at Tibi something went on by it self and started scanning the item I was looking at, see above the green line on the black leather top?

Then a list of items appeared in a box suggesting similar products with good deals .... hmmm the first one might be related to Tibi's black top but the Sofa? I don't think so, the program have searched the image and the word leather too, and the closest it could get is a leather sofa :) 

I don't know where this program came from, but I think I'm gonna leave it for a while, I want to see if its really useful or not, because they mention that its a visual search technology that lets you instantly compare prices or find similar items on almost any product sold online Let see its effectiveness 

Mawahib Emaratiya

Today I received a book called Mawahib which has like 35 talented Emirati in graphic design, illustration and photography, below are some of my favorite Ola Allouz - photographer click here
 Asma Kherbash - Graphic Designer and illustrator click here
Shamsa Al-Abbar - Graphic Designer click here Want the book ? click here to buy it online or find out where is it available

Emma Cook

click here to buy
click here to buy

Join Cameralized

Today was our weekly meeting to discuss the progression of Cameralizedproject,  for those of you who doesn't know what is Cameralized, well its a website that helps you find a photographer and book one online.
We have set a date for the website to be launched, of course this is a startup so anything you see in here is subject to change, for now we are going to start with 5 types of photography to chose from:

1- Fashion 2- Food 3- Portrait 4- Events 5- Products (for online stores)
Our job will be looking for photographers in these types and who are available for hire. Last week we were lucky enough to receive a coffee table book titled Select, that aims to showcase talented photographers in Kuwait, what a lovely gift, thank you select team. That would help us a lot in building our directory.
Pictures of newborns you see above are taken by Shahad Al-Bannay one the photographers featured at Select Book. If you are interested in purchasing the book you could contact or foll…

ساعد أخاك المسلم

صوره من تصويري لأغراض معرض ساعد أخاك المسلم إللي بصير في شهر مارس 
بقالي بعد جم قطعه و أخلص و إنشاء الله أحط لكم الصور لما إيي وقت المعرض
 ريع هذا المعرض يروح للمحتاجين في الكويت و خارجها

StartupQ8 5th event

StartupQ8 5th event coming up this Monday 18 February 2013 

This time they will be discussing customer experience design, as far as I know its the way of making things simpler for customers, whether its online, service or with a product 

Also they will be interviewing Mohannad Al-Sane founder of Al-Mowazi - hmmmmm , that's something new, never heard of this website before ?

So if you are interested in attending please click here to register, its free

Time: 7:00 - 9:00

Location: Global investments House


Photography by Djinane Alsuwayeh

Are you a store owner who is looking for a photographer to shoot your collection? or maybe you have a restaurant and looking for someone to take mouthwatering pictures of the food, or just and individual who is looking for a good photographer that could transform you into someone else through his lens 
Please help us know your needs when you are looking for a photographer through taking this short survey click here
This is part of Cameralized project, which is building a photographers directory for people to view and book photographers online

If you are a photographer, we would like to hear from you as well, please tell us what what you wish to have on Cameralized, please click here to take the survey

Old pictures

Pants + Boots Isabel Marant  Bag Proenza Schouler

Jacket MSGM

Jacket Matthew Williamson

Those images were taken long looong time ago, in December 2011 to be exact
They were planned to be published in Thouq Magazine, but things changed and the project was canceled. too bad now the clothes you see in here are not even available for sale online, I have added links to the brands featured in case you are interested in their new collection, enjoy


Did you know that you could order items from Moda Operandi that are ready to be ship now?

Click here to see their selection 

Looking for Thouq

Thouq the magazine that transformed into a website has now extended into opening a tiny concept store at Souq Al-Mubarakiya in Kuwait City
My friend and I spent approximately one hour trying to find the place, we were about to give up when we realized that there is one mosque only in the souq that the store could be located next to based on the map provided

Basically the store is concentrated more on men clothing and accessories, which is what the website is focusing on right now. I had the pleasure to meet with the team behind the place, Bader Al-Hujailan and Ahmad Al-Ghanim. 
Me Blogging had some photography done specially for Thouq Magazine, but the images weren't published for some reason, so I was asking Bader if its ok to publish them here on the blog? and I got the approval , yaaay enshalla you will be seeing them soon. It was taken long time ago so I'm sure the clothing will look boring as they are from last winter 2012.

Ahmad Al-Ghanim is the person creator of the amazing…

Indie Frangrances

Bubblegum Chic by Heeley

Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng
Naomi Goodsir

I like cedar, I like leather and I like wood, just read an article about indie fragrances at refinery 29 , which is fragrances that are different from the mass produced, I liked some of the fragrances featured , but not sure where I could find them in Kuwait, does anyone have any idea?

965Flowers Basket

We thank our sponsor's 965 flowersfor the lovely basket of cupcakes and roses , I've always liked the idea of mixing food with flowers, below you will see some of my favorite food and flowers selections from their website and also some great gifts ideas

click here to order
Click here to order

Click here 

Click here to order

Click here to order

Visit their website for more click here Or follow them on instagram @965flowersto stay updated on whats new

Friday Gathering: old friend visiting

هذا النفنوف من السايت الصيني إللي قلت لكم عنه بالإنستغرام ، واحد من الـ 3 نفانيف المدعوسه بجيس واحد Click here

 هذي اللعبة قديمة مالت مرت خالي من كان عمرها تقريبا سنتين أمها لاقيتها من مادري وين  تخرع ، ليش الويه الحزين؟

Jacket MSGM available at matches click here and at Luisa via Roma Click Herealso available at My Wardrobe click here

Dress: Bimba & Lola Shoes: LV Necklace:Ibrah

صاحبة اللعبة

Vest : Hamsa <

In Dubai

DAS Collection - Reem and Hind Beljaflah

Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Magazine Franca Sozzani flew to Dubai to meet the new promising talents of local fashion
I think thats HUGE, , I don't know who initiated this thing, or how the designer's new about Franca coming to Dubai, but its a great opportunity to to be exposed in other places.

Amna Al-Salem

I see Amna Al-Salem on the far left

Mohammad AShi

Experiments One
Razan Al-Azzouni

For more images click here to see