Small Space Solution

The other day I was searching online on how to decorate a small size room, since my room is relatively small, so I came across a blog with such an interesting tips on how to make a small room looks specious Loving Living Small

Like for example, they mentioned placing furniture with legs so one’s eyes could go beyond it and feel the space

They also highlighted how a transparent table were used in a small living room and gave it the same effect

They stressed on symmetry as it gives balance to the room and make a person feel good

such an informative blog, have to read all their tips and try to implement them in my tiny little room click here to view the blog


q8arteriors said…
There's a trick that I personnaly use for small spaces which is using large furniture instead of small ones! for example, in a small bedroom, try using a queen or king bed rather than a single one. And try to avoid using two side tables which usuaally makes small rooms look cluttered.


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