Green with Envy

While expressing my admiration to Australian designer Josh Goot on instagram, a girl suggested I check out 2 websites that carry all Australian brands, and they are...

I went CRAZY, they have everything I love,colors , prints, amazing cuts and material

I just don't know what to buy, most of their clothes are party dresses, and I have no occasion coming up, so I decided to get one dress only that was on sale

and today I received my order, all the way from Australia 

wait a minute, why did I pay 9 KD for this package when it arrived home?
I already paid shipping online!!! offff I hate Kuwait customs 


GRAIN said…
Josh Goot will soon be available at GRAIN boutique... Opening in March!
Chirp said…
I think Revolution Boutique has them, Ive seen the floral pants there
Me Blogging said…
I think so too, will be passing by today to check it out, hope they have my size

RFK said…
Beautiful choice! Thanks for the mention too :D

K xx

Royal Fuchsia Kohl

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