Fyunka event

Make-up bag I got from Fyunka

Today I went to Alaa Balkhy's event at Al-Tilal, the girl behind Fyunka Brand, a Jeddah based fashion line with designs influenced by pop culture and Khaliji tradition.

I follow Alaa on istagram and read her blog all the time, so to me it's like going to see my virtual  friend. when I arrived I saw a lot of my virtual friends in there, it was so much fun, they are all the girls behind:

and of course the event planner Nouf Hussain from Pretty Little Things

Each one of them has big plans coming up, enshallah I will be able to share them with you soon

Fyunka's event was only for one day

so for those of you who couldn't make it today, you can find her bags available soon at  Goji Boutique or Fortune Cookie  

Alaa will be in Jaddah tomorrow

O teslam Eydech ya Bedour 3ala hal Marshmallow el khayal
I ate half of the rose water flavor jar

Nouf also offered me a hot chocolate drink with chilies, yes chilies, I liked it

you always experience something new when you are at pretty little things events 

Want to see more images ? click here

Alaa Balkhy

 you could also find Fyunka stuuf sold at


interia kw said…
it was really nice seeing you o hope to see you more in the near future :*
Budour said…
Catching up with blogs and just saw this! Bil 3afya!! Did you try the other flavors?
Me Blogging said…
interia: it was nice meeting you too

Bedour uhhhhhhhhhh u reminded me
I wanna have them again

yes I tried the other flavors, they were delicious

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