Friday, November 30, 2012


In the first week of December, summer 2013 collection will be available for pre-order at Luisa Via Roma , click on the picture to view the collection

Friday Gathering

Pants: Zara
Necklace: Maryam Kehani available at B Villa

Pullover + Necklace: Zara
Jeans: Bleulab

Lady Bird mini pumpkin cakes Tel: 99871365

Pullover: Zara
Jeans: Joe's Jeans
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Valentino

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mundhotel: compare prices

My brother's friend Jose from Spain has developed a website (MundHotelthat helps you compare hotel prices all in one place. He wanted us to check it out and give him our feedback and since mum and I adore searching for hotels online we gave it a try and here is what we think...

We both liked how prices of a hotel were neatly placed together in a box, I remember using a website that provides the same service but it opens around 5 web pages all at once, it was difficult to go back and forth between them to compare prices. 

The second thing we noticed is that MundHotel provides you with 6 images that we could move the cursor on it and it pops up for a larger images, no need to click on the name of the hotel to see more images, cool

The only strange thing we observed is that when we searched for hotels in Rome and sorted them by stars we got cheap looking hotels on top, they totally don't look 5 stars to us, we don't know how Jose could fix this, but in our opinion it's an important feature, where it limit our search to a number of hotels in a certain category and we don't have to go through 150 result pages to find the best hotel in terms of stars.

Overall, good job Jose and we wish you luck, keep us updated on any development. People if you are traveling any time soon, please check MundHotel out and tell us what you think.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A Comedy Show in Kuwait

The Comedy Hangout will be held at Safir International Hotel – Bnied AlGar at December 20th 2012. The event will host a group of popular local and regional comedians who will perform a two hours of ultimate laughter and joy. source via Bashar
I'm so excited, you could book your tickets online click here, I am definitely going but I'm not sure if I'm going alone or with someone, the strange thing is that the website allows you to book 2, 4 or 6 tickets!!!!! What is this????? What if I decided to go alone? how am I suppose to book? what if we are a party of 3 ??? 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Trendy Fanatics

Those are Trendy Fanatics new arrivals that I took pictures of, most of the necklaces are out of stock, only 4 colors are available now click here to shop Note that all products will contribute to the educational fund of a child in need. 


Last night at a wedding, I spent the whole time looking at a girl I felt I knew her but I just can't figure out from where, I asked my cousins if they have seen her before, nobody knew her, who is she? Then when she smiled, uuhhhhhh okkkk, now I remembered, I took a picture of her at Celebrate Expo (picture above)

Before leaving I went to say hello, we chatted and then she mentioned a project that she would like to share with me, its called Yalwah 

Me: no waaaaaaay!!! you are Yalwah? I saw it on Beautique Salon Instagram account

Girl: yes (smiling)

Me: Pleeeeease don't tell me you are doing the same thing as Boklah (our project, still not announced yet)

Girl: no no no its totally different , its basically an online wedding directory

Me: ohh ok, ashwa, 
haaaay wait a minute @@ how do you know what we are doing?

Blank .... don't remember what she said, I could imagine her reply but we don't wanna do that in here :p  hatha yo3tabar ta'leef o ba3dain at-hawash ma3a el banay , ma yeswa

Someone told me about a similar online wedding directory but it is based in UAE, its called Yebab click here . I felt it's a bit crowded, hope the Kuwaiti version won't be like that

picture from yebab website

Yalwah will be coming soon for you click here 
and good luck girl

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ibrah is getting ready

Ibrah is getting ready for her next necklaces collection and as you can see they are inspired by Prada's necklaces of summer 2012 , she loved them so much that she tried creating one using flowers from a necklace she bought from forever21 store (pictures below), and it turned out to look amazing, with all the sparkling crystals. Now that she learned how to do it, we ordered flowers to start production, and hopefully within 2 months they will be available for sale.

Ibrah necklace

Prada necklace source

forever21 necklace taken from Ibarh instagram

Taaaadaaaa, the prototype necklace

You could follow Ibrah on instagram @ibrahQ8  or on twitter @ibrahQ8

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The one look Friday Gathering

That is of today

Old Friday Gathering

Ohh look what I found, old pictures from our Friday Gathering that never been published

In the last one you see me wearing my favorite Joe's Jeans, I learned that a new store in Kuwait will be carrying this brand, and its called Bliss store, it will be opening soon at Burj Jassim
Instagram: @blisskwt
phone: 65645334

Joe's Jeans is also available at 360 Mall but its going to close down, so the good news all their items are on clearance

or get it online here

As for my cousin, I don't know where did she got her pants from, but they look kind of similar to the ones at Le Touch click here, its a Kuwaiti website, so you don't have to worry about shipping

Trendy Fanatics

Just finished editing the pictures I took for Trendy Fanatics, when they are up on their website I would be able to share with you the collection of necklaces.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I love photography and I enjoy taking pictures, I also enjoy knowing that people like the images I publish here in the blog, some of them even ask me to photograph their products for their store or website, but the thing is, I'm not a professional photographer, I didn't take any courses or lessons on how to do that, I just rely on youtube and the web to teach me how to use my camera.

I know aloooooot of people in Kuwait own SLR cameras and have expensive lenses but don't know what to do with it? So, I thought to myself , why not collect all young photographers contacts and share them here in the blog so store owners could find them easily and hire them for projects.

So if you are a young photographer and would like to do some work for store owners or website owners, please send me an email to and include the following:

1- A brief about yourself
2- 4 pictures of your favorite work
3- contacts (email / phone number / websites)

So our first photographer is Eman Jamal (picture above is taken by her) she caught my eyes at instagram with her photography for 965flowers website, to see more of her work and book her for your future project please  click here

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Campo Marzio

Campo Marzio is a new store that will be opening soon at The Avenues phase 3 (The Mall) section

Expected date Sunday 18 Nov 2012

it's a tiny store with items like jewelry boxes and office accessories 

I find them a great gift items

This is my favorite color

 The store is located at The Avenues phase 3 (The Mall)
You know where Shake Shack is? turn left and take the escalator to the second floor

West Elm

West Elm is a newly opened furniture store at The Grand Avenues with reasonable prices

I liked so many things that I wanted to get for my room, but whenever I chose an item, either its too big or too small

will defiantly be going back

Friday Post

 ما يسوه نسمي 
Friday Gathering 
بس صورتين

First picture 
Dress COS
Pants Zara
Shoes YSL

Second Picture
Pullover & Pants H&M
Shoes Zara