StartupQ8 team are getting ready for their third event,  it will be on the 15th December 2012 and it will be held in Global Investment House, same place where they had their second meet up. it was on the 7 Nov. , huh that was nearly one month ago, I was covering the event at the time and I must say it was much better than the first one, the place is fully equipped with everything you need, microphones, a projector a theater like chairs. The first event was held at Think Cafe, which was packed with customers of the cafe and you could hear the juice blender machines going off, but this time its so much quite, you could even hear my camera clicking while I was taking pictures, that must be annoying for speakers :/ sorry

At first Mijbel Al-Qattan presented the meaning of Lean Startup concept and I pretended to understand what he was talking about, it sounds interesting but it was difficult for me to comprehend. I liked what came afterward, when the audience started debating over which method works best for startups? should they go for a business plan? like what big companies do? or should they just go with what they call the business model canvas or the lean startup.

Unfortunately, the discussion had to be called off because they must start with their second speaker, which happens to be from the US, and they have to call him up on a specific time via skype, as he have other meetings later on, Michael Szymanski director of MEST incubator was the second speaker.

Michael explained his experience with Ghana, and how MEST the company he is working with managed to create a program that teaches fresh graduates on how to be entrepreneurs. He ended the session by saying: Kuwait has lots of resources try to benefit from that and always stay connected with each other, meet in events such as StartupQ8, maybe one day the world will be using a Kuwaiti software or a website.

The third and last session was with Sulaiman Al-Tarah co-founder of 965FlowersHe talked about their journey in developing their online flowers delivery service. He mentioned that when they started he thought their business will be seasonal, meaning they will be delivering flowers only in Eid for example or in valentine's day, but they discovered that people love gifting, and occasions has nothing to do with sales. It was so funny when one of the attendees commented on this by saying " well of course its not seasonal, a man fights with his wife all the time and he have to bring her flowers to make her feel good" True :)

Now 965 flowers not only deliver flowers they also deliver cakes and sweets, see for example they could deliver Godiva chocolates click here . That's cool, no need to go out and buy a gift. At 9:00, the event has ended and people started mingling, I was so happy to meet Yabila founder, hope someday he will share with us his experience. they have an application too on AppStore, go check it out , they say its a big hit, don't know why I just learned about it. 

Can't wait for the third event, this time Dr. Naif Al-Mutuwa will be there. For all of you startups don't miss it, mark your calenders

Date:           15 December 2012
Time:           7: 00  pm
Location:     Global Investment House
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Second event
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