Pose and Compose

I call her "The girl with the blue eyeliner" , Dalal is a new blogger who posts tutorials on how to apply makeup among other things on her blog Pose and compose. I love her blue eyeliner so much that I went to Serdab Al-Shaye' (where she buys most of her stuff from) and got me one. I know I will never wear this much makeup but I would like to try it for a change

I met Dalal on an event and asked her if she ever considered having her own youtube channel for makeup tutorials since its easier than taking pictures? and she said that she thought about it, but she just can't find the time to do it. Yalla Dalal we are waiting

She also has a fun instagram account that you could follow @dalalid 
I just love this girl's spirit , wish you luck and keep doing what you are doing


noura said…
Cheap makeup can be toxic because of the cheap igredients, specialy items manufactured outside US and EU countries because they do no adhere to US & EU safety standards. So careful. want colored eyeliners? try MAC ot Too Faced at sephora :)
LadyB_Q8 said…
I got sensetive eyes, Mac got the exact same eyeliner in the colour your looking for !
Amazing make up though, two thumbs up !
noora said…
wain serdab ilshaye'?
Noor said…
Her blog is super cute. My favorite eyeliner is jade but I also have green eyes so they look nice together.

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