حكم توم فورد

I was surprised by Tom Ford's beliefs, I didn't thought that someone who works in the fashion industry would experience such feelings, read below of an issue he mentioned in the documentary and you will understand what I'm talking about:

"I work in an industry that I have sometimes mixed feeling about what we do, because we convince people that they are not perfect enough, that they need this and they need that, and we promote materialism, which ultimately is not what brings you happiness in the world

We do live in a material world, velvet feels good, cashmere feels good, color excites us because we could see, so there is a certain enjoyment to be gained by materialism and the material world, but you have to keep it in perspective, because really its nothing, we don't own anything in our life, we don't own anything in the world, I usually think of it as just a bunch of stuff that I'm kind of swimming through in this life to go from here to where I go afterwards.

But I have to say I just struggle, because I am attracted in some ways to beautiful things yet at the same time I am actually very aware of, in some sense, their lack of value and that the most important things in life are your connections to other people, so its a bit of a struggle."

Watch the documentary at youtube click here or click on the video above


Anonymous said…
السلام عليكم أختي ،
اتمنى منك قبل نقل أي فيديو أو عرض اي صورة الإنتباه انه في نساء وأكيد رجال يدخلوا المدونه فأرجو منك الإنتباه لأنه في بعض الأحيان تكون مقاطع
الصور أو الفيديو غير لائقة

وشكرا لك :)
Susu said…
I totally agree with him! I always loved his style, and I now like his personality!
Thanks for sharing!
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous: walla ma entebaht

Susu: yah me too, totally didn't expect him to be this way, have to see his movie
Norah Shuaib said…
كلام في كبد الحقيقة الصراحة
جميل ان الوحده تكون فاشونابل ولكن لا يصل درجة الطغيان على جميع اوجه الحياة هني نقدر نقول ان نعيش في ماتيريال وورلد
الاعتدال ثم الاعتدال ثم الاعتدال
موضوع جميل عزيزتي
LadyB_Q8 said…
Thank you Meme for posting this, such an inner struggle I felt it deeply since I started my work !

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