Today the owner of Bliss store was kind enough to send me their latest collection of jeans to try them on. She wanted me to see the similarities between my favorite brand Joe's Jeans and a brand called DL 1961. They were pretty good, but not what I wanted, I was looking for dark blue, grey and white jeans. 

She informed me that ensahllah within 2 weeks Bliss store will be opened at Burj Jassim, and by that time a large number of jeans will be available with different colors and styles. will be waiting.  

I was in the mood of taking pictures, so I put those jeans on and clicked away .....of course I will be sending those stuff back :p

Jeans my own / Flats available at Bliss / Flowers invitation from Fleur florist for the opening of their second branch at Yarmouk tel: 25329414

flats and jeans available at bliss

shoes & blouse my own

Bliss contacts
phone: 65645334
instagram account @blisskwt


Noor said…
Super Cute I really like the flats and I do like the ombre jeans as well.

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