StartupQ8 Second Event

Since my partner and I are going to start up a new business (sorry can't reveal anything at this stage), we are interested to join the group of StartupQ8 in their monthly event to learn from participant's experience, how they started and how they overcome problems, we are also interested to learn whats new out there for start-up companies and what do we need to do in order to succeed. 

This event will be the second for StartupQ8, it will be held at Global Investment House on the 7th of November ( 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm ) and they will be discussing 3 things:

1- What is Lean start-up Methodology?

2- How did Ghana achieve so much in such short time?

3- Interview with co-founder of 965flowers

See the slide sheet above? you could click on the (next slide) button for more detail on each subject.

If you are interested to come, please confirm your attendance by clicking here

StartupQ8 first event click here


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