I call it the Black Starbucks
I learned today that this new design will not be replicated any where in Kuwait, it will be the only one at Grand Avenues

Each country has just one shop that looks like that, I mean designed differently than their signature interior

That is on the second floor of the shop

Well to be honest, I didn't like it that much, yah its different, but I thought it would be more fancier, with chandeliers and stuff

I totally hated this wall (you find it while going up) its like a painting from a cheep hotel in the 80s

Seeing those Dallaa's on the shelves made me think, It would be a smart move if Starbucks had introduced Arabic Coffee as a new drink to their shop. We usually don't find Arabic coffee available at cafes although we drink it regularly . hmmmm you think they have it? I didn't ask, have to check that out

I liked how you could look down to the Grand Avenue

Here is a quick look on the Grand Avenue


Eiman said…
كنه الفيديو فيه مشكله؟ يشغل مجموعة فيديوهات من رحلاتك الثانية ومنها تركيا.. اتمنى ما تكونين حملتي شي بالغلط.. بس حبيت انبهك عالموضوع والف شكر عالبلوق الرائع.. انا من متابعينك دوما
elledecor said…
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Me Blogging said…
لا بس يخلص الفيديو ، يبدون الفيديوات القديمه ملوتي إللي كنت محملتهم على يوتيوب
Eiman said…
اشوه .. على بالي فيه غلط وانا اكتشفته هههههه
بس والله فرصة سعيدة اللي كلمتك .. انا ادرس بالخارج وكل ليلة لازم اشيك على البلوق اوسع صدري واخفف احساسي بالغربة... احس ان صديقتي او اختي قاعدة تسولف معاي.. واصلي ولا توقفين انا فخورة فيك لانك قاعدة تعطين نموذج للبنت الملتزمة والمبدعة معا.. الله يوفقك ؛)
Me Blogging said…
مشكوره وايد على الكلام الحلو

كلمن يقولي فس بنات بره الكويت يستانسون يقرون البلوق و يحسون إنهم معانا متابعين الأحداث
Noor said…
I wonder where is the one we have like this in Riyadh? I would love to check it out. The bad thing here is it seems most cafes only men can go into :(

I have always wondered why none of the Starbucks or other cafes do not sell Arabic coffee, I think they would do well.
Anonymous said…
On nafsich

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