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My brother's friend Jose from Spain has developed a website (MundHotelthat helps you compare hotel prices all in one place. He wanted us to check it out and give him our feedback and since mum and I adore searching for hotels online we gave it a try and here is what we think...

We both liked how prices of a hotel were neatly placed together in a box, I remember using a website that provides the same service but it opens around 5 web pages all at once, it was difficult to go back and forth between them to compare prices. 

The second thing we noticed is that MundHotel provides you with 6 images that we could move the cursor on it and it pops up for a larger images, no need to click on the name of the hotel to see more images, cool

The only strange thing we observed is that when we searched for hotels in Rome and sorted them by stars we got cheap looking hotels on top, they totally don't look 5 stars to us, we don't know how Jose could fix this, but in our opinion it's an important feature, where it limit our search to a number of hotels in a certain category and we don't have to go through 150 result pages to find the best hotel in terms of stars.

Overall, good job Jose and we wish you luck, keep us updated on any development. People if you are traveling any time soon, please check MundHotel out and tell us what you think.


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