Ibrah is getting ready

Ibrah is getting ready for her next necklaces collection and as you can see they are inspired by Prada's necklaces of summer 2012 , she loved them so much that she tried creating one using flowers from a necklace she bought from forever21 store (pictures below), and it turned out to look amazing, with all the sparkling crystals. Now that she learned how to do it, we ordered flowers to start production, and hopefully within 2 months they will be available for sale.

Ibrah necklace

Prada necklace source

forever21 necklace taken from Ibarh instagram

Taaaadaaaa, the prototype necklace

You could follow Ibrah on instagram @ibrahQ8  or on twitter @ibrahQ8
email: ibrahq8@gmail.com


Ansam said…
I cant wait :D


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