COS now in Kuwait

I believe COS comes second after Zara to us, they represent our style exactly

My friend Areej always makes fun of me and call me the square girl, since I always tend to wear wide-cut dresses, and COS has a large number of those kind of cuts

I was disappointed not to find the purple coat I saw in their lookbook, but I was so happy to learn that COS team will be reserving one for me the moment they receive it

They will also be reserving these comfy shoes too, now, only size 36 and 38 are available at the store

This is the VIP room, if you need any assistant with the personal shoppers you could be served in here 

I prayed in this room :p since I don't know where to find a place to pray in the new mall

I love it when girls agree to pose for me, thank you all

The men section upstairs

Next stop Harvey Nichols ...


RFK said…
The all white outfit is lovely! And the Chanel boy is to die for!!! Haha, i'm more enthralled by this outfit than I am the fact that COS is in the picture lol.

K xx

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