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Last week StartupQ8 blog organized a small gathering at Think Cafe to bring together entrepreneurs, programmers, designers and investors in one place.

The main purpose of this event is to learn from each other and encourage one another to build companies with new ideas that never been done before 

Dishdasha Express shared with us their story and how they overcome obstacles

Dishdasha Express comes to your home with a tailor to take your measures and make you a dishdasha that will be delivered to you once its completed. They even bring you material to chose from if you like.

Afterward, Mohammad Al-Meer explained the business model canvas, which is preferred to be used by startups instead of the corporate business plan. Because stratups always deals with uncertainty and assumptions.
I should read this book, as my partner and I are going to start something new that we don't know if its going to work or fail.

At the end we all had to stick a color on our arm that shows who we are
If you are an Investor, then you have a yellow tag on
if you are a designer, then you stick a green color and so on

This made us mingle and participants what they do and what future plans they have for their business

That was a pretty cool event, looking forward to the next
StartupQ8 gathering will be organized once a month, if anyone of you is interested to join as a speaker please send in your request to:


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