Nuqat Lectures

Nuqat's 3 days lectures are over and it was so inspiring. 

I was going through the pictures I took at the event  to select some of them for the post, but when looking at each speaker and remembering his/her lecture I felt like that it wasn't fare to place  them all in one post. So I decided to break them into parts. As each one has his own experience and journey that led him to be an artist or a designer and that I would like to share with you with a bit of detail.

Nuqat Lectures took place at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya from the morning till 7:00 pm

and the workshops that have started today are held at Bait Al-Sadu

My workshop will start tomorrow with Osama Esid: (Print Anything Anywhere), that sounds interesting. 


It looks comfortable and well organized, sounds inspiring as well. Will this be held again sometime soon? In Dubai right?

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