Tata Botata

I remember seeing Mark on his instagram account wearing this Tee, I LOVED IT

at the time, the website that sells them wasn't running, so we had to sign up to be notified once it is live, and yesterday we received the email and they are ready to take orders  , woooohoooo

From the collection of 5 Tees that they have I liked the 2 above for men

and for me ... I got this one, it made me laugh the moment I read the comment below

Like them? click here


Malak said…
ياربي منك ><
تعبتينا وربي تعبت من مدونتك
اخش اتعععععذب موت
والسبب الملابس نفسي كلها اشيلها والاكسسوارات وووووو

ربي يسعدك

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