Startup Q8 is a new Kuwaiti blog that talks about newly established companies and how to build them up successfully by viewing other people's experiences.

On Wed. 26 Sep, the blog will be organizing a small gathering that I will be covering. This gathering aims at encouraging people to learn from each other and hear about new business techniques that might help in establishing your own startup.

Below is more detail of the event

If you are interested to join click here

I heard that Dishdasha Express have some funny and interesting stories to share, looking forward to the event and hope to see you there


Anonymous said…
fact of the matter is =, this is one of those things you need to learn on your own .... just saying ...
Anonymous said…
Hi, is this open to all nationality? or only Kuwaiti? Thanks!
Me Blogging said…
Miruhkuhl: yes its open to all nationalities , I think it will be in english so everyone will understand, I know that some programers will be there
iblog said…
Extremely interested in this event, thanks a lot for the infos Me Blogging! I look forward to your coverage on Wednesday incha"allah.

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