Snaprint, is a website that allows you to print your pictures on canvas or on Polaroids

Just in time, my sister was thinking of printing her old Ibrah creations on canvas and hang them in her bedroom. we were going to use Q8printer for our images, but since Snaprint offered us to try their service, so why not, let's try it and share with you our experience.

The offer included one canvas and a number of Polaroids, so we started with the canvas

We selected this image from Ibrah's 2010 cream collection

Uploaded the image and then we were asked some questions:

how do we like the layout to be? 


do we like to split the image?

and so on, the process was so easy, it took us like 10 minutes or maybe less to complete the order.

Our Canvas will be delivered in 2 days, can't wait :) 

Don't you love this cute little monster? the owners informed me that he is called Snappy , adorable little Snappy

Note: For now the website is only available for bloggers, soon it will be available for you to use


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