Snaprint Result

Loved the result of the canvas we printed at Snaprint , its exactly the same color of the photo we uploaded, usually when printing photos it gets darker than what you see on your PC screen, but this one looks pretty good.

Snaprint website is closed for now, I can't wait for it to launch to print more, If we are going to hang the canvases on top of the sofa, I think we need to do bigger sizes (50 x 75 cm),  this one is size (30 x 45 cm) 

As for the Polaroids, we were offered to print 5 pictures, and I chose to print pictures of people I met through the blog, or worked with. 

From top left you could see 
Qumar 14 
Nouf Husain from Pretty Little Things 
Areej Al-Khurafi from Fortune Cookie Boutique with her adorable cat Qumasha (sometimes called ya 7ilwich) 
Ghumooth a character invented by a brilliant Kuwaiti artist
and Reem Al-Humaidan 

The Polaroids wasn't that clear, snaprint mentioned that they supposed to look that way and have a vintage look, but that wasn't what I expected. They look like Polaroids but they are not as hard as the real ones, I think they are mostly printed for fun. I learned that you could download an application that allows you to print directly from your instagram, didn't use it, but that might easy to print and save  some of your favorite pictures from instagram.

Click here for Snaprint website


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