Piano Man

I was just checking Confashion's blog, then a song started playing I don't know from where, I know Confashion has no music player on her blog, so where is it coming from??? I scrolled down and it appeared to be a video has started by itself, Burberry's Summer 2013 Fashion Show, the song playing was so captivating, I quickly turned on my Music ID application on my iPhone to check who's the artist ... no result

So I typed the words he was singing and it turned out to be a guy named Tom Odell and his song is called Another Love ...look what people wrote to him on you tube

  • your song was the best part of the burberry's show! made me teary and this song is just as beautiful!
  • You are amazing!! Just heard your song at the Burberry Show...Made me speechless!

  • Hahahah so every one was searching for this song, just like me :) Link

    Listen to his song another love here you could also download it for free

    He has another song called Sense


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