Lenotre with Preston Bailey

Celebrate Expo private event at Lenotre with guest of honor Preston Bailey

A group of bloggers and myself was lucky enough to be invited to this event for Preston Bailey and try out the new food and desserts at Lenotre.

new macaroons being introduced at Le Notre (made to order) simply AMAZING 

have you ever heard of Halwah Macaroons?  well that's available at le notre - if you have a wedding or something go try them out, you might like them and order them for your special occasion

Al-Anoud Al-Sabah and Fahad Al-Hajri from Octium

Preston Bailey with Joud and Bibi Hayat The November Bakery

Shorouq Ameen 

Chef Shaikha Al-Wazzan at Le Notre the girl behind some of the amazing food served there

Th'haba , will be seeing her at Celebrate Expo on Monday

The engagement ring 


Amna Al Falasi said…
Gorgeous event & people masallah!

Kuwaiti bloggers u have more fun than us Dubain ones wish I was in ur group :D

Me Blogging said…

woow 3ad mashallah Dubai a7is feeha wayed activities

Amna Al Falasi said…

True bus el6ema3 shein :P

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