Gala Night with Preston Bailey

Sunday was Gala night at Missoni Hotel with Preston Bailey event designer

We had dinner while enjoying opera singing performed by The Three Waiters who all the way from New York - this event is organized by The November Company

At the end of the night Preston Bailey gave us a speech about his work and how he started

It was funny how when he mentioned that the secret to his success is listening to women and agreeing on what they say :)

I liked how he showed us his mistakes in some of the events he designed, like following sticks on people's heads. and horrible looking cows standing on tables as a center piece

He ended his speech by talking about his future designs and what he is planning to do for some of his clients, like hologram images of a bride and water falls. Also he gave some time for people to ask him questions. 

Thank you so much November Company for the  invite


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