Friday Gathering - We are back




iblog said…
Thank you for coming back. Love the white coat!
Unknown said…
Glad you're back, been waiting for this for weeks !! ;)
D said…
I wish I have the courage to wear colors but cant stand myself in mirror :/ *stuck with neautrals*
Welcome back!
I love the white jacket with a belt like structure in the center, min ween?
hala_jzr said…
hi meme i like ur blog , im following ur posts for a while and i love it :) can i ask for some thing or its rude :)) can u post ur home furniture photo :-| ?? i adore some pieces i saw in Friday gathering but cant imagine the whole view :-| .. :)) i know u will say ma yswa 3aleeeena hehehe but if its possible ill be thankful

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