Wednesday, September 26, 2012

COS in Kuwait Soon

COS (Collection Of Style) the Swedish brand will be opening soon in Kuwait. 

Today we had the chance to preview their fall/winter collection 2012 at FA Gallery

Too bad we couldn't see their store at the Avenues Mall, they say its the largest in the world. 

That is because phase 3 at the Avenues is still not ready yet.

There are more items to come at the opening of their store

one of them is the purple coat that I want

Baby COS

Rubber on T-Shirt

Trying out some COS stuff

I love how they covered the knit jacket with material

Ibrah (my sister) trying out another jacket

Necklace by Ibrah :) will be available soon

COS Team , thank you for having us and we are so excited to see the new store soon enshallah

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Ginger said...

Love this brand !! hop it will be available in Morocco soon too !!