Celebrate Expo - Part 2

Krikor Jabotian standing next to my favorite dress

TeL; +965 - 120 4793
email: info@krikorjabotian.com

I think it's made by The November Company

NWN - Nada Waleed Al-Nafisi click here

Safa' Al-Hashem, I was surprised to learn that she is one of my readers, and from her reaction she seems to be a BIG fan of the blog. Thank you so much for your kind words and your support

Au nom de la rose (florist) you could order from them at 965 flowers click here

Abrar Al-Ibrahim founder of Th'haba

Th'haba's display is by Optimus

Alia from Optimus

A new piece will be available soon at Octium Jewelry Boutique

Ricamo, home accessories store at Al-Salhiya 

OSO Interiors at Al-Tilal Complex

huh. look what I found at net a porter :) the pullover the girl's wearing  is from J.Crew click here if you want one

Nougatini, they were kind enough to let me try a variety of chocolates
I liked the one with the ginger flavor , yummy
now open at Symphony Mall (the one with Missoni Hotel)
tel: +965 25770352


D said…
Only 7aneeena call pull off that J Crew sweater! Looking good *thumps up*

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