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Tata Botata

I remember seeing Mark on his instagram account wearing this Tee, I LOVED IT
at the time, the website that sells them wasn't running, so we had to sign up to be notified once it is live, and yesterday we received the email and they are ready to take orders  , woooohoooo

From the collection of 5 Tees that they have I liked the 2 above for men

and for me ... I got this one, it made me laugh the moment I read the comment below

Like them? click here

Judith & Razan

Judith Leiber and Razan Al-Azzouni an event that you don't want to miss

Renowned American handbag designer Judith Leiber has teamed up with Saudi Arabian label Threads by Razan Alazzouni to produce an exclusive collection of clothing and bags to benefit children's charities in the region. 

The event will be hosted by Pretty Little Things in Gallery 220 Salhiya, above the outdoor restaurants.
Date: Saturday and Sunday ( 6 - 7 October)
Timing: Opening Saturday at 7:00 pm, Sunday from 4:00 pm-11:00 pm

Judith Children's Art Bag,is a unique personalized bag with a replica of a child’s art work in crystals, where each bag is hand-crafted. 

The Personalized Monogram is a custom made bag with multiple color options and monogrammed with up to three initials. 

15% of Judith Leiber sales and 15% of Razan Alazzouni sales will go to Pumps 4 Kids. Pumps 4 Kids is the first project belonging to the non-profit organization Businesses Supporting Charities in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Red Cre…

Friday Gathering

Metal belt sold at Karkoosha link Jacket Zara Ring by Nitfa 

Joe's Jeans Shoes Zara

Shoes Jeffrey Campbell link


Moda Operandi is making us go crazy  now you could shop New York's Spring / Summer collection 2013 just click here

I'm still waiting for Milano Fashion Shows

COS in Kuwait Soon

COS (Collection Of Style) the Swedish brand will be opening soon in Kuwait. 
Today we had the chance to preview their fall/winter collection 2012 at FA Gallery

Too bad we couldn't see their store at the Avenues Mall, they say its the largest in the world. 
That is because phase 3 at the Avenues is still not ready yet.

There are more items to come at the opening of their store
one of them is the purple coat that I want
Baby COS

Rubber on T-Shirt

Trying out some COS stuff
Picture taken by Lady B

I love how they covered the knit jacket with material

Ibrah (my sister) trying out another jacket

Necklace by Ibrah :) will be available


Startup Q8 is a new Kuwaiti blog that talks about newly established companies and how to build them up successfully by viewing other people's experiences.
On Wed. 26 Sep, the blog will be organizing a small gathering that I will be covering. This gathering aims at encouraging people to learn from each other and hear about new business techniques that might help in establishing your own startup.
Below is more detail of the event
If you are interested to join click here

I heard that Dishdasha Express have some funny and interesting stories to share, looking forward to the event and hope to see you there


و أخيرا نقاط بالكويت  ،آخر مره كانوا في دبي في شهر 3 او 4 نقاط عباره عن ندوات و ورش عمل لأشياء مختلفه ، تقريبا كلها لها علاقة بالفن و خلق الأشياء الجميله ، مثل التصوير ، الأقمشة ، صناعة المنتج و الغرافيك ديزاين و الكثير للأسف ورش العمل تبدي واااااايد مبكر أكو الصبح و أكو العصر ، طبعا أنسى أسجل الصبح دوام و حتى العصر لو عقب الدوام هم وايد مبكر علي الساعه 2:00 ، انا أخلص الساعه 3:30 على ما أوصل إلا صايره 4:00   ، مع هذا سجلت ، عسى ما يهاوشني المحاضر ، سجلت في ورشة التصوير مع أسامه ، كاهو بالصوره فوق ، لا ااااا اكيد بهاوشني إللي مهتم ، يقدر يسجل عن طريق الإنترنت على صفحتهم إضغط هنا الإفتتاح بكون يوم الخميس الساعه  10:30 الصبح  ، يعني ما راح ألحق إلا على الساعه 4:00 العصر ، أشوه بيكون وقتها محاضرة العنود الصباح مالت محل أكتيوم ، و مكان المحاضرات في دار الآثار الإسلامية ، عمري ما رحت له فلازم أدل ويين الجدول تحت يوضح كل شي ويييي جاسم السداح وقت الفرايدي غاذرنغ اوكي ، يعني أطلع من هناك سيده اليمعه ، اوووه نور كاوكوجي بتكون الساعه 3:00 ، لا عيل ماكو روحه يوم اليمعه أنزين ألحين وقت ورش العم…

Friday Gathering - We are back


Celebrate Expo - Part 2

Krikor Jabotian standing next to my favorite dress
TeL; +965 - 120 4793 email: website

I think it's made by The November Company

NWN - Nada Waleed Al-Nafisi click here

Safa' Al-Hashem, I was surprised to learn that she is one of my readers, and from her reaction she seems to be a BIG fan of the blog. Thank you so much for your kind words and your support

Au nom de la rose (florist) you could order from them at 965 flowers click here

Abrar Al-Ibrahim founder of Th'haba

Th'haba's display is by Optimus