Help us create Tamara

We are looking for a person who could bring the image that we have in mind of beautiful Tamara to life.

Tamara has a very long thick hair, some days she wears her hair up in a ponytail, other days braided for a special occasion, or curly and down for a more relaxed night out with the girls look. She is so attractive that everyone wants to be her.

Draw Tamara in 3 different hair styles, whatever style you prefer, and dress her with any outfit you feel comfortable drawing from pictures provided below. The most important thing is be creative and imaginative with the hair, as we want it to be Tamara's main feature. Also make sure that all looks are in black and white.

You have 3 weeks to complete your drawings (due date 31 August 2012) once you are done, please scan them and send them to Hopefully we will announce the winner, and she or he will be working with us on our future project.

Let the match begin

LV - SS 2012 source

Erdem source

Alexander Mcqueen source

Elie Saab - Fall 2012 couture source

Alexander McQueen source

Alessandra Rich - source

Olivia Palermo source