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I want those glasses from Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2012 collection
asked about every where, still not available at their boutiques

Solution ? found an amazing blog that shows you how to do it yourself
click here for more
عاد شدعوه بتطلع علي حلوه مع الحجاب ، بس ما علي هم بلبسها
look what I found at Etsy :) cool click here

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Just learned that the studio behind Quailtynet's Ramadan Ad. is The Bustop

I remember finding them on instagram by coincident and falling in love with the simplicity of their website and laughing on how they describe their work and concept

For example: why did they call themselves The Bus Stop
"We called it The Bustop for the simple reason that we wanted our agency in a bus. Our own mobile agency. Until cultural reality kicked in and we rented an office instead"
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Keep Calm

Interesting, found this at The Side Talk blog, the story behind the popular phrase  "Keep Calm and Carry On"

you could find this poster available at Fortune Cookie online store click here

more colors available in Gold or in Midnight Blue

Where to go in Istanbul

Here are some recommendations on where to go if you are in Turkey - Istanbul, my brother is there now, so this post is dedicated to him....

Aya Sophia or Hagia Sophia - a church turned mosque, also pass by the blue mosque , they are all next to each other

Topkapi, a place you don't want to miss, I personally loved it, you will see how they lived cooked and dressed 600 years ago  Ohh yah and have a turkish coffee there, it was the best we had it inside the palace in a tiny cafe facing the garden. Dad loves their tea try it, any where you want, mo ela hnak click here to see our full trip

I remember having the best burger in my life in Park Hyatt Hotel, so if you want one, pass by the hotel at Nisantasi (pronounced Nishantshi street) KoseBasi - source Nisantasi is where all the boutiques and stores are, so if you don't want to eat a burger and want to have Kibab, then in front of the hotel there is a nice restaurant that is called kosebasi Shop at Nisantasi street, efatr kilmokan


Playing with polyvore



My friend just informed of ShopBop have changed their website and it has amore clean look, all white,  I like, click here to check it out

Celebrate with Preston Bailey

WOW Preston Bailey is going to be in Kuwait, thats amazing !!! maybe some of you don't know his name but I'm pretty sure you  have seen his books in florists or with wedding planners and you are familiar with his work, maybe some girl's wedding was inspired by him.



Preston Bailey the renowned events planner and floral extraordinaire will be the guest of honor of the The Celebrate Gala Night that will be held in Missoni Hotel Kuwait on September 16 .  The event will be in the form of a seated dinner, tickets sale is starting today at The November Company offices in Al Tilal, Shuwaikh, M floor. The tickets are KD 65 per person, or the price for a full table of 6-8 will be discussed if interested. Contact The Celebrate Team for more info at +965 50210770

interested in his book? click here

Laura again

Look what one of my readers found in London Collage of Fashion while she was visiting there, a small exbition covering artistic designers, Laura Laine's happens to be one of them :) LOVE her work. Laura Laine studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, but she focused on fashion illustration. Now she is working full time as an freelance illustrator and teaching it at the university. Thank you so much Nada for the pictures

Can you draw Tamara?

Only one week left for the contest of creating Tamara

To make it easier for you, and to know what we are looking for , we have provided drawings by the talented Laura Laine, we adore her work and wish we could find someone just like her here in Kuwait.

For more images of Laura's work click here


If you are more into drawing quirky looking characters, we have provided images from Tibi brand sketches. We love how they are faceless but still has personality



Now the main thing is, you need to draw 3 different looks Tamara with long hair, with a pony tail and with her hair up braided

images below provided for inspiration for the up-do

Source: Eden Salon

Customized Rolex

Bamford Watch Department is a company that personalize a range of steel watches (like Rolex, Ratek Philippe, Audermars Piguet .. etc) and work independently of the watch brands. Meaning the original brands warranties are no longer applicable and your watch will be covered by Bamford for 2 years.
I just learned that Moda Operandi had selected 10 customized limited-edition Rolex watches from Bamford and they are available online to order until the 23 August.
Click here to see the whole collection of Moda Operandi
I also learned that 4 Boutique here in Kuwait used to have some of Bamford watches, but now they don't carry them any more. If you are interested they could order one for you. Your own customized watch. At first I thought I take my watch for them and they work on it, turnes out that you order a new one. You could change its color, write your name on it, anything that makes your watch unique.
4 boutique is located in Industrial Shuwaikh area, near Al-Tilal Complex. for more info…

Playing with Polyvore again